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I LOVE Homemakers Mentor, I am a member, and thought you all would just love it too!  Soooo…… I thought I would post a bit about it and then……down at the very bottom of this email….you find a link to get a FREE LESSON from Homemakers Mentor too!! 

You can find the first 6 lessons on CD right here in our store too!

Where Have All the Homemakers Gone?  The basic definition of a homemaker is: homemaker: a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income. However, a homemaker is much more than that. The actual term homemaker is an Americanism – created in American in the 1920’s to give a title to the role a wife and mother played in society. Homemaker is an ideal term because in one word it explains what a homemaker is: a maker of the home A homemaker creates the home her family lives in. A home is not just walls, a floor, a ceiling, furniture and people living there – any occupied house can fit that list of requirements. A home embodies the people who live there and reflects the unique style and personality of the woman of the home. Through her words, deeds, decisions and heart she takes a basic structure and fills it with love, security, beauty and peace. A house is transformed into a home. And she does this all within the realms of her husband’s income.  A home is where every human being longs to be, to return to, or remembers fondly when they are grown. Home is not only a physical entity; it is a spiritual and emotional one as well. The important role of the homemaker can not be overstated! A homemaker has a huge influence on her husband’s ability to relax and enjoy his time at home, thereby sending him to work the next morning better able to handle a busy, stressful day. A homemaker often sets lifelong habits and expectations in her children without even realizing it – those habits can be good ones or bad. A homemaker has the ability to provide a very special and secure loving environment to nurture future generations in….all at her very own fingertips. Yet homemakers and their knowledge of running a home smoothly have slowly disappeared through the years. Today less than 30% of women with children under the age of 6 years of age can be found at home. And out of that 30% or less, most struggle very hard to make a home as they never learned how by their mother’s teaching and example and have no where to turn for help or advice. Frustration builds as homemakers try to create a home but find they don’t have basic information to use. Discouragement comes when they work so hard, yet never see any fruit for their efforts. Generations of women have been raised without the basic knowledge or understanding of how to run a home smoothly or do the most basic and simple tasks found in homemaking. For the modern homemaker, finding help is like finding that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ and where do you look for basic homemaking help? The Homemaker’s Mentor grew from the creative idea of Martha Greene and Rebekah Wilson, both long time homemakers, wives, mothers, author’s and small business owners who specialize in offering books, products, help and encouragement to homemakers, mothers and families. Between them, Martha and Rebekah have answered many questions from frustrated homemakers and realized there was a true need for a basic homemaking class to teach lessons on the basics of homemaking and running a home. Hence, The Homemaker’s Mentor was created. From the comfort and convenience of home, The Homemaker’s Mentor brings you helpful lessons to inspire, expand and enjoy your homemaking skills. As each lesson is learned your homemaking skills increase and are refined.  You will find learning new homemaking skills provides a deep enjoyment in being a homemaker. Learning from older, like-minded women who have traveled the way before you and can look back and help you overcome life’s struggles as a homemaker makes learning easy and even funny as you hear their own personal stories and life experiences added into each lesson.  If you have ever wished for a friend or an older woman to hold your hand and teach you homemaking skills you have always wanted to learn…if you have always wanted to learn how to be frugal and live within your means by making many of the items for your home…if you have ever wished to make wholesome, hearty food for your family but never knew how…if you have ever wanted to talk with like-minded homemaking women…The Homemaker’s Mentor is for you.  Martha and Rebekah are a friendly hand reaching out to help you with fun, exciting and enjoyable homemaking lessons that can make your homemaking experience joyful and rewarding. Your husband will find his home more peaceful and content at the end of the day and your children will be less frustrated trying to keep the home clean by learning how to maintain a clean home. There is a difference! The Homemaker’s Mentor offers 24 lessons per year – 2 lessons per month. There are also some additional free lessons throughout the year written by authors well versed in their field of expertise. This means more than 24 lessons per year for only $4.95 per month or an annual membership of $49.95. Each lesson is available in PDF format, easily downloadable to your computer. You can read at your leisure online, from your computer hard drive or print off each lesson and compile it in your own special homemaking notebook. Each month’s lessons are available for a full month, after which they are taken down and placed for sale on the website as ‘retired lessons’ for anyone wishing to purchase only specific lessons or for those who may wish to gather all the lessons into their notebook. A friendly, secure forum is available for members only and is a wonderful place to ask questions and interact with members of The Homemaker’s Mentor. The forum is a special place where everyone is encouraged and you can meet fellow homemakers who take their role as ‘home-maker’ seriously. Are you serious about improving your homemaking skills but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of running in circles to keep your home clean and never accomplishing anything? Do you feel you aren’t able to do anything because you were never taught how? Would you like to learn how to run your home smoothly and be frugal while providing well for your family? Would you like to learn how to sew basic items, embellish them and be proud of your accomplishments?  Like to try a great Homemakers Mentor lesson for FREE?  Click here for a freebie lesson!

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