Canning Season!

It’s been a strange summer– completely NOT what I envisioned…then again, my plans are not HIS plans– lest I forget that, I got a reminder this summer.  I’ve spent a good deal of this summer in rest, reflection and rejoicing– and I praise Yah for it all– He has blessed me tremendously!!

I am slowly getting back  in the saddle, so to speak…. and canning up a storm– and VERY thankful to be doing so, and enjoying every minute of it!

We were blessed with 4 GALLONS of delicious raspberries and those got canned up into jam, a couple gallon ziplocs that I flash froze went into the freezer and I am almost SURE a gallon just disappeared from just eating them out of the containers! I got 20 pints of jam and a couple straggler half pints and I just might can up those 2 bags in the freezer after I make a killer dessert with some of them for Shabbat this week!

Apricots are in right now (actually, by now probably at the tail end of their run) and I got 20 Quarts of fresh ‘cots and 6 pints of Apricot Jam put up…Mmm!

The raspberries make up beautifully w/my ol’ standby jam recipe– which is ridiculously easy and can be used with any berry– raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, marionberries– you name it!

Homemade “Berry” Jam

4 C Freshly picked and washed berries

1 box of No Sugar Pectin

1 C Grape Juice (no fake stuff here!)

I sometimes toss in a 1/4 C of Sugar here — it’s totally optional, just adds a hint of sweet. If you prefer a bit more tart jam, leave this out. Either way– it is DEEeeeeeeeeeeeelicious.

So–first of all, get out all of your canning equipment. You will water bath your jam, so you’ll need your water bath canner out, lids, jars, rings, etc — you know the drill. Get yourself set up to can before starting to make your jam, because the jam doesn’t take long, at all, to make.

Berries, Grape Juice…just waiting to be made into a wonderful homemade jam!

Now let’s start in on the jam making! Get out a large stainless or enamelware pot, put it on the fire on low. Dump in your berries, I slightly crush mine with a potato masher. Turn heat up to medium. I dump in my grape juice and stir real quick. I then dump in my pectin, and stir really good.

I love ‘no sugar’ pectin– it never fails to deliver an excellent result!

If I am adding the sugar, this is where I do it. Turn up the heat to a medium high and stir some more. I let mine get to a nice bubbling slight boil and continue to stir, let it bubble / boil like this for about 5 minutes or more and then I turn off the heat…..continue to stir!

Hot, bubbling jam! I am dreaming of fresh biscuits!

Now is the time I turn on my canner to a high heat setting, to get that warming up and ready.

I then ladle jam into my jars, make sure my jar rims are clean, put on the lid, fasten the ring down and set in the canner rack, repeat. : D

Once you have all your jars filled and in the rack, I let them sit while the water really gets hot–it heats the jars at the same time, so when I go to plunge them into the hot water they don’t break!


I can my jam for 15 minutes in boiling water, when time is up, I remove and set them on a towel  to cool for 24 hours. Label my lids and put them on the pantry shelf. This jam is a very special treat– it is so SO good and so very simple to make.  Summer in a jar.

Enjoying the Season!



Posted: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 @ 1:53 pm
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